Eddie Van Halen

I took this photo immediately after Eddie jumped off a 9 foot stage.
 He literally landed on me !!  He fell to the floor, someone is helping him up.
I never would have got this amazing photo if I hadn't been waiting to get one on stage.
When he took us all by surprise and jumped !!!!
It was a real "Rock n' Roll" moment,  You had to be there !!
Ed Roman


Eddie Posing with my Girlfriend "Chrystal" 
After the show

Valerie, Eddie & Ed "1984"
Photo By Chrystal Ball


Eddie Van Halen Signature Charvel Guitar

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Eddie Van Halen

Not too much needs to be said about Eddie Van Halen that anyone reading this will not already know. His influence on the Rock guitar world is probably second only to Ace Frehley in terms of the sheer numbers of players that were inspired to start playing guitar.
Eddie is in a class by himself, as a player and musical personality.  Eddie's guitars are every bit as famous as he is.

Do you remember what you were doing when you heard that Kennedy got shot?', 'Do you remember what you were doing the first time that you heard Van Halen?', the answer in most cases will be, "Yes, I remember.' I certainly do. I was in my car driving to a construction site where I was building my new home. They were playing an old Ray Davies Kinks tune that Jimmy Page had played the original lead riffs.  It was mind blowing, I immediately searched out the album and bought it.

Eddie Van Halen upped the ante at a time when Rock guitar was entering a new, flashier modern era. Van Halen were playing Judas Priest covers at backyard parties in Southern California at the same time Randy Rhoads band Quiet Riot were getting started in the same scene. Gene Simmons was the man responsible for getting Van Halen demoed and signed. A major credit should be given to producer Ted Templeman who is responsible for recording the most explosive guitar sound put on tape up to that point in R&R history. Templeman had set the high water mark for heavy guitar sound 5 years before in 1973 when he produced the classic first Montrose album (with Sammy Hager on vocals who would eventually become the longest reigning Van Halen singer), which at that time was the most in your face guitar sound on a record. He was good at it and clearly had a vision for where the modern Rock guitar sound should be going. He and Eddie engineered Eddie's famous 'Brown Sound'. The rest as they say is 'R&R history'...



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Eddie Van Halen Charvel    Eddie Van Halen Charvel

Ed Roman was building the Van Halen Frankenstrat as far back as 1984
They appeared in his 1985 catalog and were shown at the 1986 NAMM Show along With The Axe Bass & The Clapton Fool Guitar.
Ed has been replicating famous guitars for more than 25 years.
Currently there are almost 200 different replicas available !!!


The easiest way to identify Eddie's guitars is to associate them with the corresponding Van Halen Album


The Axology of Edward Van Halen

By Michael McGuire  2007

The easiest way to identify Eddie Van Halen’s guitars is to associate them withEddie Van Halen

the corresponding Van Halen Album.

Eddie is not only famous for his unique talents, experimental techniques, or his rehab career, but for the unmistakable way he makes his guitars.

Eddie has been modifying and sometimes destroying guitars from the very beginning of his career.
His guitars are as famous as his music. Not only did Eddie define an era of rock music, he also defined an era of rock guitars.

You can’t listen to Eruption without seeing him play that Black & White striped guitar.

He perhaps is the main reason people build kit guitars today. 

I have sold more guitar kits to people who are building a Van Halen Copy than all the other kits I sell put together.


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Eddie’s most famous guitars &the albums
for which they are known.



Van Halen 1Black and White Frankenstrat

Please notate that these are not sold painted

Obviously the guitar best well known for this album is the original Black and White Frankenstrat. This heavily valued guitar started out life as a $130.00, factory second, fire wood, neck and body which Eddie bought from a company called Boogie Bodies. He took it home and immediately sprayed it black with a can of Schwinn bicycle paint. He also made a pickguard for it. Eddie loved the sound of an old PAF. humbucker, so he chiseled a hunk of wood out of the body so the pickup could fit. He also liked the strat tremolo but had trouble keeping it in tune. He installed a brass nut, had to keep it lubricated, and turned the ball end of the string in sync with the turning of the machine head as he tuned the instrument. The guitar ended up getting the stripe pattern as he masked off the guitar and sprayed white, keeping only what he wanted to be black. 

Today's Pickup manufacturers all offer some type of pickup that they call their EVH Clone. Ed Roman has done extensive research on this and offers several different versions with his kits.

Interesting Footnote: The CBS strat headstock has a Gibson logo, and the very fine black stripes are actually electrical tape.  Today Eddie's pickups are custom wound. Contact Ed Roman for Custom Wound duplicates or get the special Tom Holmes pickups that emulate the 50's PAF.


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Van Halen II

Please notate that these are not sold painted

This guitar was featured in the artwork of the second album. It was finished and delivered just in time for the photo shoot. Although Eddie used this guitar live during the tour, he never really used it again unlike most of the other guitars. 

Not venturing far from the first guitar, it features a single humbucker pickup, one volume control, maple neck and a tremolo. This guitar did have one new feature, the locking tremolo which was developed by Floyd Rose. Soon, almost every guitar he had will use this system.


Interesting Footnote: This guitar was made famous again when Eddie laid the guitar to rest with the late Dimebag Darrell.  

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Women & Children First   (The Shark Guitar)

Please notate that these are not sold painted

This guitar was used on many of the recordings of the first three albums. Anytime you don’t hear a dive-bomb or tremolo, chances are that Eddie was using this guitar. He loved it. The guitar was originally an Ibanez Destroyer which was only made for a few years. Our sue happy corporate friends at Gibson Sued for design infringements.


Features include two humbuckers, two volumes, and a  selector switch which Eddie used for another little trick. Just listen to “You Really Got Me” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. As you can probably assume, Eddie couldn’t leave this one alone either.

 Armed with a saw, he transformed the original shape into something resembling a shark’s jaw. Hence the nickname, “Shark”. He then proceeded to stripe and paint the guitar with silver and red metallic colors.  May people assume it is white & red. It is actually silver.

Exact copies of this guitar are rarely available because they are hard to make and you have to destroy an Ibanez very expensive korina guitar for it to be exact.
  We are now making high quality neck thru body versions of this shape.


 Interesting footnote:
 Three of the tuners are chrome and the other three are gold.

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This is what Eddie started with an Original 70's Ibanez Destroyer
Today these guitars will easily bring more money than most Gibson's
The Ibanez guitars were much better made and they sounded far better

Ed Roman has made several copies of this in neck through body versions
You can buy the entire body core assembled or buy it as a kit.     Contact Ed Roman's Custom Shop
Ibanez Destroyer




Fair Warning


Eddie only used this guitar live for the song Unchained. He needed a guitar that was already tuned to “Drop D” since it is difficult to do so live with a locking tremolo. The alluring features of this guitar are the various circles and the fact that it has not been well photographed. I guess Eddie was getting tired of just the stripes so he decided to go with a rather bizarre look for this one.  Otherwise it is a pretty standard Eddie guitar with all of the right ingredients.

This guitar is available contact Ed Roman.

     Interesting Footnote: Eddie has patented a device that instantly drops the low E string to a D for locking tremolos aptly named the “D tuna.

Currently this guitar is in stock and available to ship instantly.

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Please notate that these are not sold painted

This is the most famous & recognizable guitar Eddie ever made. What can I say about this guitar. It’s the shit!!!

 Normal people look at this thing and have to think it is the ugliest thing they have ever seen. Guitarists look at it and think the exact opposite.

Eddie has played this on every tour & it has the battle scars to prove it. 

Eddie broke the original neck which led him to replace it a handful of times.


     Frankenstrat                Frankenstrat               Frankenstrat

Version 1               Version 2               Version 3
All Models Available


Most of The Guitar  Does Not Work Anymore The neck pickup is dead and disconnected. The  selector switch is not doing any switching. The pickguard is not guarding any picks. Probably the most useful thing on the guitar is the 1971 quarter place under the bridge as to keep it from pulling backwards. To top it all off, Eddie put truck reflectors on the back of the guitar!!!!!!

Why?? Because he thought it looked cool.  Ed Roman just purchased 1000 of these reflectors, They are available in any of the kits.

Interesting Footnote: At one point the guitar had a Hockey stick or “Banana” headstock neck which was originally designed by J. Frog.  Kramer made it famous.   Gibson tried to sue for rights to the headstock but J Frog had a 24 year head start at the time.

J. Frog, is the designer genius from the early 80's who built George Lynch's Skull N' Bones guitar. He also built several other famous signature guitars check it out.

These J Frog Guitars are also available in kits.   



Please notate that these are not sold painted

EVHProbably the second most well known of Eddie’s guitars is the 5150. This became his main stage guitar after he retired the Frankenstrat. The guitar was actually a backup on the 1984 tour5150. Eddie seemed to demote and promote guitars regularly, but never lost interest in what was suitable for him. Built much like the other guitars, the 5150 was made by a little known company called Kramer. Eddie and Kramer built many 5150 style guitars that were either used by Eddie, or given away to friends or contests. The only really interesting features on the guitar are the “Space Tape” numbers and stars.



Interesting Footnote: Eddie split the headstock at the sixth tuner and had Ernie Ball fix it. The company put a Music Man logo over the Kramer logo.  (Real Slimeballs)

(Note from Ed)
That was a really slimy thing to do. I never liked the people at Ernie Ball. Kinda like, what ESP did to J Frog for the Dokken Videos. ESP also removed and therefore ruined all of George Lynch's original Kramers by taking off the original necks and replacing them with imported ESP Necks. The people at ESP also blatantly ripped off the George Lynch Skull N' Bones and to top it off it was probably one of the worst made ESP guitars I have ever seen.

Honorable mention: The “1984” guitar has all of the same features with a slightly different stripe pattern. This was used as a backup to the 5150.







Please notate that these are not sold painted

Definitely, one of Eddie’s most bizarre guitars. Eddie always likes new and interesting things. The Steinberger caught his attention. The features on this guitar were very futuristic; Active EMG humbuckers, Fiberglass neck and body, no headstock, and a tremolo that seemed nearly impossible to comprehend.

The Trans Trem system is unique in that it transposes and locks the strings so that it is still in tune. Eddie loved it. But there was still something missing. The Red, White & Black stripes.

When I saw Eddie the first time he played these (He had several of them).

Eddie was a huge fan of headless guitars, during that era the band was traveling a lot and the headless guitars are known for better stability and control when the weather & climate affect the tuning and the neck.

Eddie favored the small ones although he told Ed Roman that he would have preferred a wooden body.  Ed made a beautiful LSR headless guitar for Eddie and delivered it to him personally in 1998.

Interesting Footnote
Eddie made it cool to play a Steinberger or any Headless Guitar. 


Interesting Footnote: The OU812 Steinberger was used on 5150,  You can hear the trans trem !!!

You can own the whole collection for about $23,000.00 that's 2 thousand cheaper than just the reissue Frankenstrat from Charvel.



Note from Ed

This of course is nowhere near all of Eddie's Guitars, He has lots of really cool and interesting guitars. some old 79 Dean V's a lot of Steinbergers, He has LSR number 2,  I built it for him in the mid nineties.

The guitars in this article are the signature guitars that made him famous. I personally have a copy of every one of them in my collection.  And I know where  some of the original high quality copies are. Contact me directly if you are looking for any particular model. I have a line on most of them.

The Ernie Ball, Peavey & Charvel Guitars were cut from a totally different cloth. Don't get me wrong, some of them are pretty good. But they don't qualify as the real deal.



Album Featured On  Name Of Guitar Identifying Markings

Van Halen 1 


White With Black Stripes

Van Halen II


Black With Yellow Stripes

Women & Children First

The Shark

Silver & Red Cut Up Ibanez Body

Fair Warning


White With Circles


Frankenstrat     3 Versions

Red White & Black Broken Pickguard



Red White & Black Space Tape 5150



Red White & Black Steinberger

I am looking for other people who would like to contribute to this website in a positive way. So I am publishing this short little gem of information from Mike McGuire.Eddie Van Halen Signature Charvel Guitar

Michael McGuire (Hey Mikey) has been a long time Van Halen Phreak, He used to come into the store with his dad when he was just a kid. He would order special parts made up so he could build copies of these fabulous guitars that he loves so much. eventually he came to work at the store and became one of our prodigy builders, He caught on quickly and was soon building much better than average guitars. My opinion is that a guitar has to be loved from it's inception to be more than just a block of wood with strings on it.
People like Mikey, have a real passion for this. Mike studies every scratch & ding, on all of Eddie's guitars and has built numerous awesome instruments. Today he can no longer make these copies due to legal ramifications between Kramer, EVH, Charvel, J Frog, Steinberger and anyone else who had any design input into the original guitars of Eddie Van Halen.  The only two exceptions are the ones least sought after. The Shark &  Unchained.  No one ever bothered to trademark those two. So they are still available,   I hope you liked Mike's article


BTW, there are hundreds of crappie copies out there.  most of them are made on cheap plywood imported Kramer Focus & Aerostar Bodies.