Yngwie Malmsteen



Considered by many to be one of the finest guitarists of the modern Rock age, Swedish born Yngwie Malmsteen blazed a trail in the early 1980's that would influence many who would

follow. Malmsteen's blend of Neo-classical leanings and blazing fast precision brought together elements from Michael Schenker and Eddie Van Halen into a stepped up version of the Rock God guitarist.

Born in 1963 in Stockholm, Sweden, Yngwie began playing after seeing a report of the late Jimi Hendrix' passing, inspired by the aggressive approach to the guitar that seared into the young Malmsteen.

By the time that Malmsteen reached his early 20's, he had turned himself into a monster of a player, having shunned school for practicing. After sending out early rough demos, his playing  ability caught the attentions of Mike Varney who orchestrated getting the young Malmsteen to the U.S. where he was drafted into a band called Steeler, fronted by singer Ron Keel.  After recording one album, Malmsteen quickly jumped into a new project fronted by ex- MSG frontman, Graham Bonnet called Alcatrazz.

Alcatrazz recorded one studio and one live album, both highly regarded in the Metal genre, and both showcasing Malmsteen's awesome talents and quickly spreading the news of this new virtuoso throughout the guitar world. By 1983, Malmsteen had struck out solo, and released the Neo-classical masterpiece.

'Rising Force', which was primarily an instrumental offering, thereby limiting its' appeal to the masses. Over the next few years Yngwie would continue to record other great guitar masterpieces such as 'Marching Out' and 'Trilogy', cementing his place in the upper echelon of modern Rock guitar heroes.

Later releases would find Yngwie with a more commercial sound on certain releases helping him to reach a wider audience. Malmsteen continues to burn up the fretboard to this very day, having overcome many obstacles in his life and career to remain one of the most respected Classical style Metal guitarists in the world.


 Yngwie in his prime as a young virtuoso circa mid- 1980's


Wow! What a story behind this guitar!

It has recently come to light that this unbelievable one of a kind piece of art was handmade as a tribute and present for Yngwie Malmsteen!

This guitar was displayed at the NAMM show a few years ago,  Ed Roman saw it there, and having a penchant for odd guitars took photos of it at that time.  There the story of this unique instrument takes an odd twist. The guitar was then sent to Miami for Yngwie, but It was never claimed. Because it was not claimed (for whatever strange reason, possibly he was on tour), it was impounded and then bought at a very dear price at auction.

The new owner contacted Ed a couple of years ago to sell the guitar. He described the guitar to Ed.

When Ed told him he had a picture of it on the website already he was quite surprised and immediately knew that Ed would be the right person to sell this fine one of a kind dream instrument !

This guitar was sold to Michael Fatali in 2006 and then it was STOLEN... If you see this guitar please contact Ed Roman  ASAP   $2,000.00 reward no questions asked.



Ed Roman always keeps at least one or two Fender Signature model scalloped Yngwie Guitars in stock!



Ed Roman has this Yngvie personally owned guitar in stock !!!!!

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