Matthew Curran

Matthew Performing on a Roman 'Quicksilver Guitar' July 12th, 2002. Ed Roman Guitars has built a custom signature Matthew Curran model with many cool features and even a built-in electronic tuner!

The tone this guitar has can only be appreciated by hearing it in person. The bolt in neck provides a solid wood-to-wood connection. The pickups are custom Seymour Duncan that can be split to have a single coil sound. This guitar has superior tones to guitars costing thousands more.

Matt begins a new recording at Dubway Studios in NYC with this amazing guitar!

Born in Brooklyn New York, Matthew moved to NJ at the age of 3. He began playing the guitar at age 7 as his fingers were becoming strong enough to press on the strings. Matt would always take one of his fathers guitars and sneak it out to try to play it.

Mathew began to take lessons and in less than one year was advancing at an amazing fast pace. At 8 years old he became a huge KISS fan. He has every CD they produced.




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