Vito Bratta 


Vito's Band "White Lion" was formed in Brooklyn, New York, during 1983, by Mike Tramp  and Vito Bratta.  After a series of  false starts, they signed to Elektra Records with Felix Robinson  and Dave Capozzi (drums) completing the line-up. However, the label was unhappy with the recording of Fight To Survive and after refusing to release the album, terminated their contract. RCA Records picked up the release option and the album finally surfaced in Japan in 1984. By this stage, James LoMenzo and Gregg D'Angelo had taken over bass and drums, respectively, on a permanent basis. The album did in fact meet with favorable reviews, some critics comparing Mike Tramp to David Lee Roth and Vito Bratta to Eddie Van Halen, others likening the songs to those of Europe, Dokken or Journey.

Signing to Atlantic Records, they released Pride, which developed their own identity, in particular Mike Tramp's characteristically watery falsetto style. The album catapulted them from obscurity to stardom, climbing to number 11 during its year long stay on the Billboard album chart. It also spawned two US Top 10 hits with "Wait" (number 8, February 1988) and "When The Children Cry" (number 3, November 1988). Big Game was a disappointing follow-up.
Nevertheless, it still made the US charts, peaking at number 19. Mane Attraction, released in 1991, saw the band recapture lost ground over the course of a strong melodic rock collection.


LoMenzo and D'Angelo quit owing to "musical differences" shortly after the album's release and were replaced by Tommy "T-Bone" Caradonna (bass, ex-Alice Cooper) and Jimmy DeGrasso (drums, ex-Y&T). The band eventually broke-up, with Tramp going on to form Freak Of Nature.


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One of the most famous Steinberger guitars was the one that Vito Bratta used in the 80's & 90's.


There were 2 like it both of them bore the White Lion Logo and a graphic lion  on the face of the guitar. We have done about 5 of these and several of Vito's headstock model Steinberger also.

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We do take this guitar one extra step, we hardmount the pickups and of course the customer isn't stuck with the mandatory EMG pickups that the oar shaped model dictates.
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