Richie Scarlett


Quite a renowned figure in the music business. Although a highly respected player Scarlet, who has performed and played with many of Rock's greats, has for many years remained more of an urban myth. RICHIE SCARLET was in the throes of putting a solo album together when the engineer on the project, Eddie Solon, felt a certain guitar was required in one of the album's tracks and suggested that they pay former KISS guitarist ACE FREHLEY a visit. Solon was an old friend of Frehley's and had not only been KISS' original soundman in the early days of the New York Glam gods' career but had also worked on Frehley's KISS solo album. Solon knew that Frehley would have the instrument needed. Scarlet and Frehley hit it off that, before long, Richie was recruited to the original incarnation of FREHLEY'S COMET and played the initial live shows with the group but was ousted once the band was signed to Megaforce/Atlantic in a somewhat political move.

Scarlet had, by this time, long since completed and released the 'Hit For Hit' album as a RICHIE SCARLET AND THE SEDUCERS release and had been producing the New York outfit CADE 88 . This outfit featured ex-HELLION vocalist Chris Cade, a project that evolved into the CBS signed MELIDIAN.

'Hit For Hit' was released in 1984. A mixture of Metal, Pop and New Wave the album featured keyboard player Rob Sabino who was also briefly a member of FREHLEY'S COMET. Scarlet had been working on a second solo record, 'Seduction', in 1986 with a planned release on his own label Violet Records and was known to be working with DETONATORS vocalist Dino Fregosi on a single

Scarlet was back by Frehley's side for the Space Ace's 1989 issued 'Trouble Walking' album and continued to play with Frehley off and on before Ace re-joined KISS in 1996.

In 1997 Scarlet was working on a brand new album project 'Wise Guy From New York'. The band featured an all star cast including SKID ROW's ex front man SEBASTIAN BACH(duetting with Scarlet on the track 'Sly Little Bitch') and former FREHLEY'S COMET colleagues John Regan and Anton Fig. The record, which featured a cover of ROBIN TROWER's 'I Can't Wait Much Longer', comprised some electrifying guitarwork and generated a healthy media response. In addition to his own work Scarlet was playing in the Las Vegas based, female fronted TYGERR'S LAIR completed by vocalist Tygerr, bassist Andy Abenne and drummer Paul Stanzo.

Mid 1997 had Scarlet was playing club shows as part of SEBASTIAN BACH's new band promoting the 'Bring 'Em Bach Alive' record. Later the same year Scarlet, adopting bass, would join the ex-ALICE COOPER members Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith for a ROCK LEGENDS show and subsequent live CD 'Live At Area 51'. 2001 had Scarlet- as bassist- hooking up with MOUNTAIN legends guitarist LESLIE WEST and drummer Corky Laing in a new act dubbed MOUNTAIN FAIR for live shows.

Recording of a new solo project throughout 2000-2001 found a string of old acquaintances and friends involved. The list included ACE FREHLEY, LESLIE WEST, TY TABOR of KINGS X, drummer Neal Smith and bassist Dennis Dunaway of the ALICE COOPER group, guitarist BUCK DHARMA from BLUE OYSTER CULT, bassist John Valenti and drummers Anton Fig and Steve Werner. A live album, entitled 'Richie Scarlet Live - Stage To Stage', arrived in November. Scarlet's band for these recordings comprised Larry Fisher on bass, Pete Gallanari on keyboards with Steve Werner on the drums.

Scarlet stepped into another big name act, albeit temporarily, in April of 2004 when he joined the touring ranks of veteran British Hard Rock act UFO. Their regular bass man 'Wild' PETE WAY was unable to make the opening Jaxx in Springfield, West Virginia show on 22nd April, detained by immigration problems. However, within days of this announcement the entire tour was postponed as the U.S. Embassy in London refused UFO singer Phil Mogg a Work Permit Visa. Apparently the singer's fingerprints had been taken in Buffalo, New York some twenty four years earlier on a routine matter, this event, brought about by increased security precautions, necessitating further investigation by the FBI.

The latter half of 2004 found Scarlet performing live as bassist for Rock institution MOUNTAIN. Solo West Coast dates in late October, supported by AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, found the guitarist employing drummer Jesse Mendez of THE NAPOLEON BLOWNAPARTS and bassist Shawn Gatlin of BLACKBIRD as his backing band.