Warren DeMartini


Born in April 10, 1963 in Chicago, IL, as the youngest brother of five.

Because James, the 3rd eldest brother, was playing in a band, and there was always music in their house, it was inevitable that Warren became interested in Rock Music.

When he was around seven years of age, his mother bought him a guitar, but he didn't know how to play it, and he smashed it just like Pete Townsend of The Who did on stage.

For many years after the incident, he never got a chance to have another guitar, but when he turned 15, he managed to buy one for himself with the money he got at Christmas, and he took some lessons to learn basic guitar techniques, and formed a band called Plague.

In 1979, he played his first gig in front of a small crowd at La Jolla High School. As he played with other local bands, his name started to become known as a young talented guitar player in San Diego.

Some years later, Warren who at that time was playing in Enforcer joined Mickey Ratt, which later became Ratt, to replace his friend, Jake E. Lee.

Warren has become a renowned guitar player with Ratt. He released his own solo albums, and is still playing in Ratt now.





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